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Before the college entrance examination of English three prerequisites

Additional reading:
A to note select different theme and the genre of articles, as more to increased original reading; II to consider author of intent, and culture background and the area custom; three to consider proposition people of proposition thought and set problem way, improve analysis problem and solution problem of capacity; four to conscious to extended vocabulary volume, accumulated some active of vocabulary, and practice guess Word capacity; five is reading of articles must to new, to has sense, to more read newspaper, and magazine, more listening to news.
Increase the amount of writing:
1. grasp the basic structure of the sentence and sentence patterns. Early every day to write a few different sentences sentences, consolidation of the day of knowledge, improve the accuracy of writing complete sentences.
2. learn about different methods of writing articles and tips, and practical training. Get back some excellent works, then write. Write an article every three days. Note to write sentences associated with the transformation, the use of the word.
Day volume:
20 days before the test, by doing sets of volumes, a good grasp of the problem of time, so as not to finish when questions of college entrance examination. Volume must be a true problem.
Remember every day will do four things: back words, phrases; problems; organize notes look wrong. Don't just do the one, that can be boring and without much effect. BACK

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