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Effective communication can be easily into the child's mind

In the normal course of communication, we know the importance of communication. But as a parent, in the course of communication with children, we all know the importance of communication, but in real life, there are a few people do it? Today, we specialise in compiling a set of articles to communicate with children and see what these parents are doing, I hope to help parents of those who are not good at communicating. This is our family's tenet.
First is that AC is to play every day as a parent, every day and your child has certain discourse communication is essential, but as an attentive mother and children's communication, must be able to learn by listening to the child's psychological changes. Every slight change of child psychology, parents need detailed experience and guide and educate the child in a timely manner, in its proper perspective in the growth of happiness and worry, peace and optimistic attitude to face. Rather than indifference, was focused on their business or career. To know the child is your center of gravity.
This is a review article, we take a look from the inside. Son one day when he was 6, he said: "MOM, everyone else into young pioneers, little me. However, I do not care about it, and I don't envy it. "I knew that he was using irony to maintain the self-esteem of the young. I guided him and said: "you have no team, because you don't have enough learning progress. If you work hard, the teacher will see progress. "My son did not speak, but in the days that followed, I saw him change: learning started to become hard and serious. Glory soon into the young pioneers. This very distinctive tells us that children have the right to guide them, cannot be allowed to develop, not his incorrect values in education. They should be bright.
When I go to sleep, Gerard said, "MOM, I have no friends at recess time, nobody came to see me play, really lonely. "I said," that you get someone else, learn to take the initiative and make friends with other people. "Gerard asked:" what if people say don't play with me? "I said," If someone said not to play with you, you can ask why, then you know why, also, you can change a students, so many students, can always find a friend. "At the same time, I told my son, even if it is a man's world, there is also isolation and loneliness. But it is because of isolation and loneliness can help people to think and concentrate on doing things better.
When I've heard Gerard, I know my son did not suppress their inner thoughts because of Dad's temper, but his arguments and to communicate in an orderly manner, this commendable. And I did, one of the children, hoping to give him a chance to right a wrong, is how adults with enough patience and love for in the growth of their mistakes.
Now his son is 12 years old. Every day, Gerard and I do most is communication. Not only through the normal language Exchange, through written communication. My son set up a development blog, son of hope and sons grow up are recorded in detail, and told his son addresses, please son has time to browse and son I also helped set up his own blog, my son and I became a mother and blogger. Gerard and I also login to their QQ every Friday night, conversation in text form, communication usually don't want to communicate in words of content.
Here we can see that, in fact, children are growing up on the road, rough like a sea of father's education, mother's education, such as trickling streams, and parent-child communication is the growth of a bridge. We parents must do the bridges, to make its due efforts to the development of the child. In fact, children's education is a simple question, it depends on how we treat. Cards hope that parents can pay attention to this problem, provide a bright future for your child. BACK

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