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Experts recommend: four English listening

1. Apply application here involved in a detailed series of listening test phrases associated with the job.
Apply for (application), this is the first step to apply, must submit a letter of application (cover letter), as long as you are confident about yourself, it is possible to get the job interview (job) opportunities. If we can give a good impression (to make a good impression) to supervisor, that depends on your personal PIN down fortune.
Some jobs require much traveling, (requires travel) and some work done soon will want to find a way out (find a way).
Is the so-called and country, with scenery. Unemployed people who want to work, work and bored people with jobs. soon as a ... ... As soon as possible I will do that for you as soon as I have fixed the machine.
Fixed the machine and I'll do the work for you as soon as possible.
3.awfully, very, very. In spoken English, used to indicate the degree of four percentage points.
Awfully nervous tension awfully cold cold awfully sorry very sorry Tom looks awfully nervous.
Tom looked pretty nervous.
I am awfully sorry. I didn''t mean to hurt you.
Very sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. bound to sure that doomed The movie starts in 5 minutes 构词成分。? Xiang?  multisubunit proteir?? all rights reserved Shanghai alumni network?? Multisubunit proteir ? Xiang? 构词成分。 and there''s bound to be a long line.
Movie starts in 5 minutes and there bound to be a long line. well If the weather is this hot tomorrow, we may as well give up the idea of playing tennis outside.
If the weather is so high, we may as well give up the idea of playing tennis outside. BACK

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